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When the beautiful and wealthy Julia approaches Lizzy with the offer to switch bodies and lives with her, Lizzy accepts, though skeptical. When it works, Lizzy thinks she hit the jackpot-until she finds out she's not only a vampire but the queen of the vampire council. She has a husband she has never met, who hates her. When her husband's father is murdered she is thrown into a world of vampire wars, culture clashes and creatures she never knew existed. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Over My Undead Body is Freaky Friday meets The Beverly Hillbillies with



In a world without men, one man stands out.Dara Athol should really get over this heterosexual thing. After all, in her twenty-third-century world, men are but a distant memory.

Yet she can’t help it; she’s a self-admitted throwback. She tried the “couple” thing, but though she and Brynn are still friends with benefits, Dara finds true solace only in the arms of Kai143. A limited-edition android sex toy, an expensive service provided by The Consortium for those who want a taste of the exotic—making love to something with a Y chromosome.

When Kai grows beyond his programming and begins to think and feel for himself, his feelings for Dara grow into forbidden love. Forced to go on the run from The Consortium, the police, and society itself, Dara and Kai fight for survival—and for the elusive possibility of a different kind of future.

About Debbie Cairo

Debbie Cairo lives in Evanston a suburb of Chicago with her three dogs Spike, Drusilla and Sheldon, the latter which is very naughty and only survives due to his extreme cuteness. While her day job is Real Estate, her passion is writing. She is the founding member of the Evanston Writers Workshop, a not-for-profit founded in 2007, which currently has almost 1000 members. Debbie has published two novels and is currently working on a paranormal romance series.

Born and raised in the Second City, she loves everything it has to offer from comedy and theater to new and exciting restaurants.

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